Envisions Personalized Home Redesign


Have a look at what some of my clients are saying about the personal relationship Envisions has developed with them and the personal attention to detail, our design creativity and the outstanding service we provide.
Envisions Personalized Home Redesign

“Linda is the best of the best. She knows what she is doing and she does it with style. I hire Linda for sellers that need a little or a lot of advice in getting their home ready for today's discerning buyer. Today's buyer watches a lot of HGTV and expects sellers to prepare their home for the market properly. One of the things I bring to sellers beyond my expertise and intensive Internet and local marketing strategy is a professional stager. My clients LOVE Linda and put her ideas into immediate action. My listings are beautiful and the feedback from potential buyers reflects this.” November 19, 2008
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert
Christi Borden
hired Linda as a Stager, Home Interior Decorator in 2005 , and hired Linda more than once

Envisions Personalized Home Redesign

I have had the pleasure of working with Linda on projects when I worked in the real estate field and was extremely impressed with her creativity and design talents. Linda is also a consummate professional and a client oriented business owner. While I know there are choices in the marketplace, after you work with Linda the choices you thought you had will diminish and you will realize that although Linda may have competitors, she has very few peers.”
November 12, 2008
John Meuser , Director of Human Resources , University of St. Thomas
was with another company when working with Linda at Envisions

Envisions Personalized Home Redesign

Only the Best

"Once, many years ago, I hired an interior designer and it cost me an arm and a leg.

Evidently I felt I had money to blow (I didn’t) or I had too much time on my hands (I did) because I let her do her thing. She insisted that every purchase be custom – the bedspread, the draperies, even the sofa.

Even though it made me nervous, we shopped for accessories only at the finest Galleria design studios.Her taste was sublime – and I liked sublime – but I let things get out of hand.

Years passed and one day I found Linda on the Internet. My house was stuck in the past. Every time I watched HGTV and saw a young couple reject a home because it had peach walls or 'bathroom fixtures stuck in the 80s,' I knew they were talking about my house.

Envisions Personalized Home Redesign

Just Advice

When Linda made her first visit to my house it was only for the purpose of giving me “some advice”. She was agreeable to that. I told her I was self-conscious about letting her see my peach dining room and my faucets from the 80s, but I soon learned nothing shocks Linda. After all, she is also a home-stager, and those people have guts.

Long story short, I got more than 'advice' from Linda. She was so confident and practical, and so reassuring – that I agreed to repaint my peach wall Elegant Green and my cream wall Tousled Tumbleweed. Then, I said OK when she suggested that I get rid of all the 'extra stuff ' I wasn’t using – she even to haul in her van to charity store. She said she could find the perfect chocolate-colored lined silk draperies for my guest room for "not very much," and she did. She paid under $70 at some sale she found at Penney's.

She also found 'updated' knobs for my kitchen cabinets for a dollar apiece. When she decorated the deck she found cushions and gorgeous clay pots for my plumerias at another bargain spot (for 70 percent off). She liked the draperies in my living room, but she said the trim was all wrong (peach), so she went shopping again and found the perfect braid at Hancock's – then sewed it on herself! She also reupholstered the cushions on my kitchen chairs.

100 Family Photos

Envisions Personalized Home Redesign

Then, she transformed my guest room – really a rundown junk room – into a trendy sitting room. The artwork on the wall . . . is family pictures. Doesn’t sound appealing? You oughta see it. She worked with at least 100 photographs I threw in a laundry basket that she took home with her. She painted the frames black (and bought new ones from Hobby Lobby, when needed) and created the most stunning display you can imagine. By the way, there was nothing special about these photos. Just a motley collection of family pictures gathered over twenty-five year’s time. My sister and two of my nieces say they’re going to "copy Linda’s idea" for their own homes. Good luck, girls, and keep your day jobs.

I Love My House

I’ll wind up by saying: Linda’s genius is combining sheer creativity with pure practicality. She is funny, sassy, smart and honest. She looks out for your pocketbook as if it were her own. Her careful shopping more than covers the cost of her design fee.

Envisions Personalized Home Redesign

Of course, if what you’re looking for is the kind of interior designer I hired years ago, who only shops the best stores and does custom-custom everywhere, Linda can do that, too. I happen to know that right now she is working on a sleek condo in the Galleria where the homeowner has ordered her 'only go with the best.'

He doesn’t realize that Linda could do the best with so much less.

We love our house. It’s sublime."

- Sharon Dotson

"Purchasing a new home is one of life’s biggest experiences. Decorating it is another story! When we purchased our home, we had no idea where to start with window treatments or furniture placement. Linda came in with tons of ideas and incorporated our lifestyles within her designs. She was patient and worked within our budget to give our first house the "warm home feeling!"

Being a Realtor, I work with many 1st time home buyers. I have recommended Linda to several of my clients. She is honest, professional and a lot of fun to work with. If you are looking to decorate one room or your entire home, Linda will work with you every step of the way to ensure you are completely satisfied.
Very Happy…" Renee Gay

Envisions Personalized Home Redesign

"This is where my problems started: after months of looking (and almost giving up), I had finally found a builder and floor plan I wanted. Now all I had to do was put my current home on the market. I had already started going through the house taking things out of cubby holes/boxes/closets/storage areas to decide whether I still wanted/needed it. The house looked like a hurricane had hit it, boxes were everywhere, and STUFF was everywhere. All of a sudden my unlimited time frame was down to "I need to get the house on the market, NOW!" Complication: I didn’t have time to clean it up – I was on a major project working late hours and coming home exhausted. My realtor highly recommended Envision and Linda Burnett by name.

Linda was a dream come true. I immediately felt comfortable with her and she was great. Yes, she gave me homework (stuff I had to do before she could do her magic) but she made it seem manageable.

Linda and two co-workers came to the house and in days (rather than the weeks/months it would have taken me) had the place looking great. Coming home from work was a surprise and an adventure. The rooms were decluttered and transformed. Accessories I thought were throw always were being used and the furniture was rearranged. I was amazed at how good my furniture, pictures and accessories fit in the rooms. “Stuff” not used was in manageable size boxes for me to go through during the evenings. All that was left was for me to go through the boxes in the garage to determine what to "keep", "throw away" or "donate."

I can’t even imagine how long it would have taken me to put my current home on the market without Linda’s help; but, I do know that I will ask Linda Burnett and her crew of ladies (Envision) to help me decorate and place furniture in my new home.

Thank you so much Linda and crew."

Envisions Personalized Home Redesign

"I would highly recommend Linda and her Envisions team for help with staging, design help, etc. I had found and hired them to help with the sale of my mom’s home in the Gessner/ Memorial area and then ended up hiring them again to help with setting up and placement in my new home. In fact my sister, Michele also hired her to help with the staging of her old home which sold quickly and to help in her new home as well. Linda has wonderful design skills, knowledgeable, very organized, resourceful and efficient in her process. When she needs input from you she will ask and take on all or as much as you want or need her to handle for you. Both Linda and Lela are very nice to work with, will see the project through fast, well done and thorough attention to detail. She will get the project handled quickly and guide you on other services and vendors to help. I found the group to be very honest with strong integrity, hard & efficient workers, diligent to complete the job and yet flexible if scope changes on what is needed. I will definitely use her services again and would highly recommend her to anyone! If you would like a personal referral regarding Linda, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

With much appreciation,"
Tammy Rinaldi
Houston, Texas