Envisions Personalized Home Redesign

About Us

INNOVATIVE DESIGN SPECIALIST, multi-talented creative thinker, savvy business leader….Linda Burnett has been helping her clients by shaping their homes and offices into beautiful, compelling interiors for nearly 15 years.

As president and founder of Envisions, she currently acts as the driving force and guiding light for both the Envisions’ Team and a diverse group of clientele that continues to grow. Linda’s rare ability to excite the imagination, her seemingly endless energy, her talent for shaping 3 dimension spaces and her broad business experience in all facets of interior decorating make her and the Envisions Team the best choice for any interior design project.

Envisions Personalized Home Redesign

Serving the Greater Houston and surrounding area, the Envisions team provides affordable and practical design solutions. Through hands-on consulting and services, Envisions delivers creative, result-driven designs to our clients. We evaluate, we plan, and we create!

The Envisions Culture we believe in the concept that we are all brought together to serve our purpose, both professionally and personally. Strong business ethics are an important part of our philosophy. We believe creativity and design should and can be lived in, not just admired. The qualities and values found at Envisions are not only reflected in our people and partners, but in our clients. When our clients are satisfied, we celebrate!

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