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Envisions Personalized Home Redesign
Envisions Personalized Home Redesign

Mission Statement

At Envisions we believe the interior of your home should be as interesting and unique as their owners. Our job is to create a beautiful yet functional space that when a client walks in, their first response is “WOW” this is it! You only get one chance to make a great first impression.
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Revitalize Your Home with a Personalized Redesign

Add a fabulous facelift to your home but keep your cherished pieces with a Personalized Home Redesign. At Envisions, our specialists first listen to your needs. Then, we revitalize your home by assisting with furniture placement, color choices and refinement finishing using your existing furniture and accessories. We will keep what you love and at the same time REFRESH your home for every day living.

Home Staging that Sells!

A well-presented home not only sells faster, but also sells for more money than other similar properties then those are not staged. At Envisions, our professionals understand home staging is essential in a competitive market. Much more then de-cluttering, our experts will objectively redesign, and then highlight a homes asset creating an exceptional, sellable product for you.


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Envisions will create "Designs that Connect" for you!

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